Would you like to open a Sports Bar?


“We need to find out what it would cost to turn a building into a sports bar and grill. We need to find the prices for food, beer, equipment, and all the other resources that it would cost for us to start up our business… “  (A post from the Yahoo Answers site)

sports bar openStarting a sports bar may sound glamorous but may not be as easy as it seems.

Before you activate your television service and hire your staff … and before you plan your grand opening, there are some important steps you must follow:

Your journey should start with a CPA, who understands the restaurant and bar business.  An insurance agent, who understands the liability issues of owning a bar, should be consulted.  Finally, your city or county clerk should be able to help you secure business and liquor licenses.

If you already have a building in mind, make sure it is properly zoned (or take steps to get the zoning changed.)  Make sure the site is visible, accessible and has good access from main roads.

Once all of the planning and legal stuff is out of the way, it’s time to consider things like the décor and menu.  If you have your own sport memorabilia, start with that and then have fun finding even more.  Decide on your menu items and develop a signature menu and “look” for your bar.

jaegermeister bar equipmentFinally, in order to save money, you might consider checking a restaurant equipment reseller, such as American Restaurant Sales in Crest Hill, Illinois.  Resellers often have the perfect furniture and kitchen equipment for your establishment. (They may even have that sports memorabilia you are looking for.) They can also probably supply you with the serving pieces, glassware, plates, cups and flatware that you will need. And don’t forget to look for the signage and cash registers and even specific bar equipment.

Then, when you are ready, launch your website and social media pages. Host a Grand Opening to coincide with a national sports championship event. Take out ads in local newspapers or sports magazines. Put posters in local sports stores, and invite a local sports hero to appear during the Grand Opening. Think about promoting your bar with free food or other giveaways.

Then sit back and enjoy yourself and all of the rampant fans who will enjoy the ambience of your new sports bar.