Is Opening a Restaurant your Dream?

Opening a RestaurantIf opening a restaurant is your dream, The Small Business Development Center at Joliet Junior College is a good place to start.

The basics of opening a restaurant will be addressed at a seminar on October 8. See the website for more information. The seminar will discuss the planning and development of a successful restaurant, taking you through the steps of design, supply acquisition and, most of all, attracting customers. They are also offering a class in menu writing for budding restaurateurs, which helps understand how to use your menu as selling and advertising vehicle.  From fine dining to hotdog stands, a well-written menu may be the key to your success.

Once you have learned about opening a restaurant and setting up your menu, it is time to think about adding the furnishings, dishes, flatware, pots, pans and other cooking accessories that your restaurant will need. Resellers like American Restaurant Equipment Sales would be a great first stop. From booths, tables and chairs to stoves, refrigerators and deep fryers, buying gently used equipment can be a great option for restaurant start-ups or even for replacement equipment. They even have the signage that will fit almost any type restaurant.

For those who have decided to retire from the restaurant business, redecorate their spaces or even change their menu and no longer need certain items, American Restaurant Sales purchases items for resale in their large warehouse. (If you are liquidating, call to discuss hosting the sale at the restaurant.)

Homeowners who are gourmet cooks or just enjoy cooking for their families will also appreciate some of the equipment and supplies available at American Restaurant Sales.

We invite all of those interested in restaurant equipment – whether buying or selling — to visit our storefront at 21145 Division Street, Crest Hill, Illinois or call Ron Ciaglia (815) 725-5544.