Need Glassware for your Holiday Party?

glasswareDo you have a taste for a chocolate milkshake?  Are you hosting a party and need more wine glasses? Or chairs? Or tables? Or dishes?  American Restaurant and Estate Sales’ new warehouse/store has everything needed for holiday entertaining and more.

Buying gently used items may be far more economical than buying new, renting – or even buying disposable items.  For example, if you need extra dining chairs, you will find many stacking chairs that are more comfortable than “folding chairs” and easy to store when the party is over.

While the inventory turns over rapidly, there are always bargains. Need a high chair or booster chair for a visiting grandchild?  Or how about the perfect light fixture for over your dining room table, or picture for the wall?  Need a commercial stove? If your kitchen is big enough, Ron may have the perfect six-burner model for you.

While most of Ron’s customers are restaurant owners, many of the items he has gathered from restaurant sales are perfect for home use – and because they are built for commercial use, they are probably sturdier than anything available from the local “big box” store – and less expensive.